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Doctor holding an iPad with holograms above to depict digital healthcare

Digital transformation in healthcare

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry facilitates the streamlining of workflows for clinicians, the coordination of electronic health records (EHR) across providers, and the optimization of all systems. This improves care d

Ships in the sea with hologram rays connecting them together

Digitalization in the maritime industry

As with all industries, the global pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of the maritime sector. With increasing strain on the global logistical network and supply chains, the need to receive real-time updates and data from ships

Bottles and boxes of the covid-19 vaccine

Learning from the Covid-19 vaccine supply chain

When the world became aware that the spread of the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus had officially become a global pandemic in 2020, there was no real indication about if and when an immunization would be available.

Close up of a persons hands one on a laptop one on a mobile phone

The future of work with digitization

In a world where remote work and hybrid work have proven to be invaluable, the ability of a business to digitally transform itself has become paramount to success. But, what does digital transformation mean? 

Person taping up a cardboard box to ship

What is ecommerce shipping management?

The shipping industry continues to grow and meet the challenges of supply and demand during the global pandemic. However, where once concerns such as piracy and politics may have been occasional issues to navigate,


The global supply chain crisis

A year after the coronavirus pandemic broke in 2020, it became clear that supply chain issues were not going away. Throughout 2021, bottlenecks and supply chain disruptions highlighted the fragility of infrastructures across the world.