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How to tackle cybersecurity in maritime technology

The great advantages that come with digitalization for the maritime industry also come with the risk of vulnerabilities. More connectivity between systems means more linked devices that are open to hackers if they are not routinely sec

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What benefits can the digital economy bring?

The digital economy has already transformed the retail landscape with e-commerce. This shift to digital shopping which was already occurring before the pandemic began in 2020 is a major contributing factor in the continuing supply chai

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New technology in the maritime industry

The disruptions that have been felt in the supply chain and logistics network worldwide have had a direct impact on the maritime industry. The industry may have been slow to adopt new technologies, but many factors have converged to en

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How did the pandemic affect the food supply chain?

They are some of the most enduring memories from the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic: long, socially distanced lines to buy food; empty shelves in supermarkets; shortages on everything from non-perishable foods to fresh fruit.

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Optimizing supply chain costs

As disruptions to the supply chain continue and the shortfalls within the system which were highlighted by the pandemic re-shape supply chain management as we know it, many companies have started 2022 unsure how to proceed.

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Digital transformation in healthcare

Digital transformation in the healthcare industry facilitates the streamlining of workflows for clinicians, the coordination of electronic health records (EHR) across providers, and the optimization of all systems. This improves care d

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Digitalization in the maritime industry

As with all industries, the global pandemic has accelerated the digitalization of the maritime sector. With increasing strain on the global logistical network and supply chains, the need to receive real-time updates and data from ships

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Learning from the Covid-19 vaccine supply chain

When the world became aware that the spread of the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus had officially become a global pandemic in 2020, there was no real indication about if and when an immunization would be available.